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We welcome you to support our endeavor to enable artists from poor backgrounds in Kenya to get access to quality music production. This is one way in which we can break the cycle of poverty for young talented artists in Africa. We do FREE PRODUCTION for very talented artists who cannot afford the cost of hiring the studio or paying the instrumentalists to produce their songs. If the song is good and studio-ready, we will record it and give it to the artist for FREE.

Some of the artists we have recorded for FREE:

  1. Gody wuod Ugenya – 6 songs – secular. Get them on YouTube here.

2. Andrew Sidede: 6 songs – Gospel. Get them on YouTube here.

3. Jacinter : 4 songs – Gospel. Get them on YouTube here.

Donate now

We can only offer FREE production with the selfless support of our donors. Join us today to donate to this cause.

If you are within East Africa, you can also donate via MPESA Till Number.


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