Love for nature

I love the beach, the sound of the waves splashing and the water touching the edge, clasping. I love how it has no limits to adhere to, how free it is to go wherever and come whenever. I long for that freedom.

I love the breeze, the way that cold summer air that has a bit of chilliness in it grazes over my skin. I love laying there on the white sandy beaches facing the stars and the moon, listening to the wind talking to me delivering a message that only I understand.

I love the sun, how she rises early in the morning as if greeting my eyes as I lay in the bed, white sheets draping over me. How she walks across the sky like a lonely traveler, unbothered and minding her own business. Making it day for us to see and meet and greet, just following her purpose.

I love the birds, how they wake up happily chirping on trees. Grateful to have seen a new day, looking forward to playing their part in existence. Unaware of where their needs will be met from but still assured that they will be met. Oh how lovely and innocent they sound.

I love the water, greenish blue, so clear I could use it as a mirror. How she communicates within herself, pushing herself to lengths only she knows. How she could go so deep and be so shallow at the same time. How she handles so much responsibility within her, life! How she can keep still while raging at the same time, just keeping it together.

I love the trees, the strong brown barks and stems, the roots that go miles under the ground. Although so strong, they obey the direction of the wind but not too much that they get uprooted. The way the leaves rub against each other softly. How they shed off dead leaves and renew their look. How they give food and build houses.

I love the peace, tranquility, hope, serenity and future that nature provides. I love it so much that I want to connect with her, trade some secrets with her and get to know just how she does it. How despite being insulted and abused she still stands strong, holding on. How she keeps hoping that one day she will be treated better, or not. How she keeps on living, surviving and never gives up. How despite it all, she still works as she was meant to. How she still loves.


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