She had done this before

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She’s made this trip before. I could hear it in her voice see it in her face the confidence she exuded while marking out the routes and the shortcuts. It all started making sense, she has done this before and maybe even more than once. Such bravery would come from someone who knows her stuff or in her case someone who has been through this.
She spoke of the terrain, the sign posts, where the party would happen and where the checks would be at. She pointed out the valleys, the features and every good thing that came with taking that journey alone. She knew what the end of the road held and she said it with confidence, that it may have absurd consequences but that is all she revealed.
It’s like she was pushing me to try it with a warning voice behind her coersion. I was curious, I never wanted to back down. I took the journey and started my life as a new human being. ‘This was my destiny’, I thought and I had to see it through.
I used the shortcuts, I walked the terrain, I saw beautiful features, I rested at the amazing sandy beaches. The sun lit my forehead and the cold wind made me get a blanket. The skies lit up above me and the mountains engulfed me in their massiveness.
The journey then came to an end and she was right, it held absurd consequences. Ones that I would have to learn to live with.
It ended like she said it would because she had taken the journey a hundred times before.


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