FREE Music Production

Supporting talented artists in Kenya

We believe that everyone deserves a chance. If you are talented and working hard about it, you shouldn’t be limited by lack of resources to record your music. We will record it for FREE.

Criteria for selection:

  1. Your vocals must sound great.
  2. The message must be compelling.
  3. We must see a future star in you.
  4. You must have subscribed to our YouTube Channel (Click here to Subscribe) and LIKED our Facebook page (Click here to Like the page). Take the screenshots of the Channel showing you have subscribed and that of the Page showing you have Liked it and upload them below.

Note that the selection of your song is at our discretion. We are not compelled to select you even if you feel that you have met the above criteria. We may decline your request because of other reasons. Some of the reasons include:

  1. We do not have enough resources to offer you the service.
  2. We do not have enough time to undertake new projects.
  3. We feel you do not possess the right personality favorable for our partnership.
  4. Your music does not represent what we believe in.



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